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Coral reefs are magical places here on Earth. Beneath the sparkling seas of the world’s tropics, there is an explosion of life of every color and form. Though coral reefs are home to 25% of all marine creatures, the reefs comprise only two-tenths of one percent of the ocean. Yet, the world’s reefs abound with life rivaling the diversity that exists even in rain forests.

At MacGillivray Freeman Films we love the ocean, plain and simple. Our company was born many years ago in southern California when we started making films about surfing. Since we’re located on the Pacific Coast Highway near Laguna Beach, we live near and play in the ocean all the time. We’ve been making IMAX®-Theatre films for more than 25 years, and in 1995 we began to produce a film every few years that communicates our love and concern for the ocean and its inhabitants. Our newest project, Coral Reef Adventure, follows two Oscar-nominated films we produced: The Living Sea (1995) and Dolphins (2000).

Interview with Greg MacGillivray
"Our Film's Mission"
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In 1998 many coral reefs died. Scientists estimate the world lost 16 percent of all of its coral reefs that year. We approached our underwater filmmaking friends Howard and Michele Hall who agreed to help us make a film that on the one hand, seeks to understand the perils facing coral reefs, but also shows the world how amazing and wonderful coral reefs are and how important they are to the ocean…to all of us! More than half of the world’s remaining coral reefs are being threatened by overfishing, coastal development, pollution, ocean warming and other acts of human carelessness. Some say that within 40 years, corals may vanish entirely. Coral Reef Adventure is our urgent message, one that is voiced by many around the globe: we all must care enough and do enough to save them.

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