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Descriptions and pictures of types of coral


Games/information for kids

A selection of games including "Crunch Nibble Gulp or Bite" which helps kids see how the mouths of different fish are adapted to catch the foods they eat.

Enchanted Learning - good basic information for younger children about coral reefs and fish. They can also click on a variety of fish and coral and get a blank outline that they can color in. They can make an entire book of the different kinds of coral and fish.

An excellent game for older children who have a good understanding of coral. The game goes through several steps, beginning with an exploration of different types of fish and coral and progressing to an understanding of the food chain. This site also provides comprehensive information about coral reefs.

Comprehensive information about different fish and coral, including adaptations made to their environment.

General information about coral reefs

Reef Check is a non-profit charitable foundation dedicated to maintaining healthy coral reefs. Their website includes information about getting involved in in their world wide Reef Check Surveys as well as detailed information about fish and invertebrates found all over the world.

The Coral Health and Monitoring web site, produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA.) This comprehensive site includes information, maps, links and research data.

Australian Coral Reef Research Center includes information about current research including sustainable tourism and fishing industry projects.

The United Nations Environmental Programme web site. This site is "leading the international effort for action on the world's threatened coral reefs. Their "emerging issues" section explains critical areas such as coral bleaching coastal threats and fisheries.

The Indonesian Coral Reef Foundation's Frequently asked questions about coral reefs explains issues in easy to understand language with beautiful illustrations.

General information about coral reefs, the diversity of its ecosystem and information about the dangers to coral.


Learn more about coral reef habitat and ways you can help preserve them on
this website from the National Wildlife Federation. www.nwf.org/productions/coralreef/

Ways to Help Coral Reefs

A wide range of ideas that anyone can do, whether or not you live on or near the ocean.


You can join the fight to save coral reef ecosystems by supporting the Project AWARE Foundation's Protect the Living Reef campaign. The Project AWARE Foundation, established by PADI, is the dive industry's leading non-profit organization dedicated to conserving and preserving our aquatic resources. For more information on what you can do to save coral reefs, go to www.padi.com/scuba/about-padi/padi-partners/project-aware/default.aspx

The Sydney Aquarium's guide to preserving coral reefs www.sydneyaquarium.com.au/NonProfit/NON030.asp


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