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Film critics from around the globe are raving about Coral Reef Adventure.
Here is a small sampling of some of the reactions critics have had to the film:

San Diego Union Tribune
(out of 4 stars)
"Both an ethereal manifestation of spectacular beauty and the sobering account of a slow-motion catastrophe, Coral Reef Adventure showcases underwater filmmakers Howard and Michele Hall at their very best-and the Halls and the MacGillivray Freeman team are the gold standard. .
.This is a moving and not infrequently breathtaking film."


Boston Globe

"With its deep blue undersea vistas, vivid but delicate corals, and swiftly flashing schools of fish,
Coral Reef Adventure is one beautiful piece of work. But this is beauty with a point. The filmmakers don't just want to share their passion for the reef; they want to share their fear for its future. On both counts, they succeed. . . Adventure it is, and of the most exhilarating sort."


San Antonio Express-News

"MacGillivray, a magician with an IMAX camera at his disposal (especially when it comes to oceans), fills the giant screen with
some of the most eye-popping underwater scenery ever captured on film. . .By far, this is MacGillivray's finest film yet. . . .This is a fascinating movie that both informs and entertains with skill rarely displayed in the large-format film."


Cincinnati Enquirer

"Coral Reef Adventure contains
the most beautiful underwater footage ever to hit the giant screen. Shot in the South Pacific, it captures the breathtaking color, texture and movement of living coral reefs in stunning detail."


Cincinnati Post

"[Coral Reef Adventure] virtually transforms the five-story Omnimax into a giant fishbowl, one that washes over the winter-weary like a sultry tropical wave. . .
the underwater scenes are amazing, demonstrating the use of the Omnimax format at its best."


The Charlotte Observer

"[Coral Reef Adventure] delves below the surface of the tropical oceans with
gorgeous photography that should inspire a new generation of scuba divers and snorkelers. . .[The Halls] show us the world they love and make us love it, too."


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Created by the same team that produced "Everest,"
this new IMAX offering may do the best of any in merging education with entertainment. . . The beauty of the marine life, flashing turquoise, orange and iridescent blue, will send winter-weary Wisconsinites into tropical transports. The eye candy may be fishy, but it still mesmerizes. "Coral Reef Adventure" also boasts the best soundtrack of any IMAX film that's not "Rolling Stones at the Max."


Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

"The scenery in the new IMAX film Coral Reef Adventure is phenomenal, whether filmed plunging 370 feet into the ocean or soaring overhead in an ultralight plane."


Chicago Sun-Times

"We don't inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children. So says one of the scientists in "Coral Reef Adventure," and it's not a bad idea to get those children involved now in the idea that they could be the planet's stewards. This
big, beautiful film, at the Omnimax Theatre at the Museum of Science and Industry through the summer, does just that."


Tampa Tribune

"[The Halls'] discoveries deserve attention, especially from younger science students who are just beginning to worry about global warming, pollution and overfishing. . .three major areas that this lovingly filmed feature addresses."


Florida Today

“Larger-than-life-IMAX films often trap you in visual escapism and then cleverly teach you something about the subject. But a lot more is going on with MacGillivray Freeman’s “Coral Reef Adventure”. . .”Coral Reef Adventure” seems more of a call to action than a colorful underwater travelogue. Indeed, producer MacGillivray hopes the endeavor will inspire conservation.”


Winnipeg Free Press

“[Coral Reef Adventure] is a
visual treat. . . spectacular footage.”


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Coral Reef Adventure is both an ode to the beauty of these colorful underwater colonies, and a cry for help.”


Calgary Sun

"As he proved with his earlier IMAX adventures Everest and Dolphins, filmmaker Greg MacGillivray does not treat the super-screen format as a gimmick. He exploits every aspect of this incredible technology to make his already amazing films all the more exhilarating and awe inspiring. His newest adventure, Coral Reef Adventure, is on a par with Everest, which makes it one of the finest films in the IMAX catalogue. . . Coral Reef Adventure is at once a staggering achievement and a breathtaking experience.


Montreal Gazette

"Stunning. . .Prepare to be blown away by Coral Reef Adventure."


The Undersea Journal

"Coral Reef Adventure is one of the most technically advanced underwater films ever made. . .Coral Reef Adventure is a great way to experience the wonder of the underwater world in the comfort of your local IMAX theater."



“This is a must-see for any diver. At the core of this film are truly stunning visuals. . . The presentation and the footage is more than worth the price of admission, and high marks go to everyone involved in the production and distribution of this film for taking the necessary risks with a films of this nature.”

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